Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful Senior

So I'm BACK!! We have officially been in CT about a month. I am totally in awe of all the gorgeous places to shoot. Every time we go out my eyes are pealing the landscape scoping out new photo opps. Our sweet family here has been kind enough to let us camp out out at their home while we wait to get into our apartment next week. I couldn't resist taking their beautiful daughter out for some pictures ... can you believe the eyes on this girl? And to make it even better, we found 5 different spots just driving 10 minutes from thier house! I love CT!! Thanks for humoring me Kylie - I owe you an ice-cream cone. You are one beautiful chicky!

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Sara Boulter said...

That first shot really is so fabulous. She's gorgeous! I love the tones in warm.
I'm in NY right now and want to take every "place" home with me! I bet you're in heaven! Lucky girl.