Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little E

Meet Little E. I don't think I've ever met kids who smile as much as this guy and his big brother. And those eyes get me every time. They are a photographer's dream! So fun to play with you again J & B. Enjoy your sneak peek!!


Jenn said...

I'm in LOVE!!! You're amazing, as usual. Ben could hardly believe you made such miracles just sitting around in your living room. Thanks again SO much for the photos and the fun day. I was feeling a little exhausted, so sorry if I wasn't very congenial. We had a great time though, and H was thrilled to get to see Olivia's house. We'll have to meet up again soon!

David and Amy said...

Those are fantastic pictures! I just love the people in those photos so much! Great job JoDee, you are so so talented.

Kristi said...

How adorable! Kate's going to do our kids next week. I'm sad you're not here to do it, but we are still enjoying the one's you did for Brooklyn. You're awesome!