Monday, August 24, 2009

Park Play

Sometimes...ok lets be honest - ANYtime you set out to "get pictures" it sends chills of dread through dads, stress through moms, and kids get anxious and crazy. By the time you get to the session everyone is already pulling their hair out. This very weekend I had the honor of getting our family pics done and I found myself forgetting all the things I tell my clients...stressing about having everything and everyone look & act perfect. My hubby had to remind me, "Just relax, stop worrying, and breathe!" Once I did, things were a lot more enjoyable, and the pics got much more natural, or so my photographer friend tells me. (I get to see them tomorrow - yay!!)

I PROMISE getting photographs taken doesn't have to make you sweat! These adorable pics were taken of a niece and nephew of mine this summer while we were having a BBQ at the park. If you follow my work at all, you know I'm all about capturing natural, real life moments. That can happen ANYWHERE by just relaxing and letting kids, and families, be themselves. Remind yourself of that before embarking on your next session and just allow yourself to BE...I promise you won't regret it.

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Liz Yost said...

These are TOOO CUTE! I love them! WE had so much fun when you visited. The YOST family definately needs to get together again. I can't wait to arrange a family photo session with you!