Thursday, October 29, 2009


That song from White Christmas keeps running through my head. "...There were never such devoted Sisters..." It was so much fun watching these sweet sisters interact with eachother and their little baby brother. My B.S. degree is actually in Human Development with an emphasis on Child Development so I am always fascinated watching each little member of the family make their own place with their unique personalities. These siblings were as sweet as could be with eachother - and each one has their own flavor - which is what makes it perfect! Thanks so much L. - you were so great to work with and your kids are as cute as can be. Enjoy your "peek"!


Cherie said...

Great shots Jodee! You are disgustingly talented. It's always a happy day when you have a new post!

Sam, Jill and Aubrey said...

Again such great pictures of all of them. Such good colors for fall!!

Kelli Bramble said...

SO cute! Love the ring around the rosies and the way they are dressed and coordinated it so cute!!