Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Posed vs. Lifestyle Photography

I thought I'd share a humorous example of what we try NOT to do on a photo session, and why its so important to find a photographer who can work with you in a natural setting, allowing your family to interact in a natural way.  This is me and my sweet family celebrating the 4th of July: and it is a perfect example of what is so appealing about Lifestyle photography in contrast to "sit & say cheese" photography.     
Here is a series of pics my sweet cousin snapped on the 4th of July for us.   My kiddos are ages 4 and 1.5 - needless to say, sitting down, and smiling quietly for the camera does not work for them...you can see how successful we were in getting a single picture with everyone looking and smiling. :)  And, even if it was possible, in reality, it doesn't really capture them as they are or the special relationships we share. 

My job, as an on-location Lifestly photographer, is to allow my clients to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few hours of time together without worrying about how to sit, how to pose, and definately without any "SAY CHEESE!" moments.  Lifestyle portraiture is all about capturing those moments as they really are, in an artistic beautiful way.  It is what I love to do and what draws people to my work. 

So next time you head out for family pictures, sit back, relax, and just enjoy each other...and some magical moments will unfold without you even trying!  (That's MY job! :))

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liz and lyman said...

jodee your pics are amazing!! Way to go, you have such talent!
Liz and Lyman Pierce