Friday, July 17, 2009

Ducklings and Swans

Here is another adorable family. They also opted for downtown Boston and I was so excited to get to photograph there again. Don't I get the most gorgeous clients? I had so much fun on this session. Ms.J is such a stunning girl, and so full of sunshine. She just won the award for "Cutest smile and hair" at summer camp and I have to agree. Mr.A was full of giggles for us - what a little doll. These two were just as cute as could be together. It was amazing to watch the two of them interact ... She was just the sweetest sister and he absolutely adores her...what a treat to get to capture that for this beautiful family. Thanks so much Mrs.K- it was wonderful to meet you!

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E-Dawg, JT and Puppy said...

Oh Jodee you are a wonderful photog!!! I love photog blogs and this one is one of my new favs! I'm so adding it to my page. I'm so happy for're way talented!